Saturday, February 02, 2002

We Have No Projects At This Time!

What, a graphic design student with no projects? Huh?? Wha??? You see kids, the thing is that I am taking the next few semesters off due to some personal stuff. You know, life happens, etc. I'm still taking classes, just no design classes. I may take a freelance project between now and then, but for the most part, the wheelings of my little brain will be kept on low-power. I usually keep very detailed project journals, to at least chart my progress and back of my lack of work to take to class. It's saved my ass a few times, a fact which I am glad of. My problem has always been my brain has a quick-stepping synapse, and flips out more ideas and possibilities for a project than I can possibly focus on. Too many ideas, can be somewhat of a burden if you happen to be very bad at editing, or narrowing it all down. This is why I need to work with left-brainers too. They need me, the right-brained, no-idea-is-a-bad-idea, creative machine-brain, since they are usually a little slower to approach it. I need them to help make the project...come into fruition. I am really good in the initial brainstorming, thumbnailing, variations stages, but it all get's "shot to shit" to use the vernacular when it comes to actually finishing up on the followthrough. A blog is good...since people can actually see what I am working on at any point, and also so I can keep it all straight.

I love graphic design. I am very good in some areas that happen to come to me naturally, the organized, dead-line, craft areas are the ones that I really am in desperate need of improvement on. My professors see this, and don't cut me any slack, although they have encouraged me to keep at it, since I can (and have a little bit) improved with the luxury of time. Time is on my side as of now. I am no longer in a mad dash to graduate. Instead, I am focusing on getting my skills to where they should be, and putting together an excellent portfolio. I don't have too many pieces as of now, that are even remotely portfolio worthy. So...when things get rolling, we'll see how the Prog-Blog works. It should! For now, it'll mostly be when I'm in a design mood, or brainwave. Which...does tend to happen.

love, peace and monkeys!

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